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The Truth About George W. Bush

I am an American first and second a Conservative Christian Republican that has no intentions of voting for Bush–Cheney 2004. I have been a Republican and voted Republican all of my life. But in my opinion, this administration has high-jacked the Republican Party I knew and is taking the United States in dangerous directions. I and many other Conservative Christian Republicans have come to the conclusion that Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and the band of Neo-cons that they have inserted into key positions within our government (and elsewhere) do not deserve my support, my loyalty, my respect or my vote. I believe that four more years of President Bush and the people who surround him is not in our Nation's best interest.

We here in Nevada could very well be the deciding factor in the electoral outcome of this election. Think carefully, vote your heart and head. I question the judgment that caused the deaths of 1100 U.S. friends and neighbors in a war that we didn't need to start. I won't go into the debt this war leaves future generations of Americans.

Now I read of another matter concerning George W. Bush and his adulterous-homosexual relationship (when he was a private citizen in 1984) witnessed by a woman who presently lives in Las Vegas and I know that when the rest of the world finds out about this we'll once again be the laughing stock of the world--the butt of jokes for having re-elected him as leader of the free world. I have talked with this woman and find her story to be very credible. It's time to dump this entire administration and start anew.

David Anderson